Making Great Places 

 2020 Programme 


Making Great Places

Making great places lies at the heart of what we do.


Our programme for 2020 will give you the insights, knowledge and networks to empower you to make your city, your town your community a great place. 

From new ways to create resilient and thriving local communities, to bringing to life the cultural fabric of a place and better ways to collaborate and use technology.

Our international visitors programme, Australian and New Zealand Domestic Exchange, masterclasses, forums and boardroom lunches together with podcasts, webinars and reports give you access to tailored expert advice, world class information and practical support to enable you to deliver to your community what matters most.


Join us on the journey to making every place a great place.

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International Visitors Programme

Creating Resilient, Regenerative, and Thriving Communities – masterclasses and forums tailored to your community with global thinker, new age economist, attorney, and author, Michael Shuman.

Cultural and Place – masterclasses and forums on how to map, forecast and bring to life cultural fabric, intuitions and places with curator, educator, and strategist, David van der Leer, Principal at DVDL Design Decisions.


Leading Collaborative Places – masterclasses and forums on how to bring partners and the community with you on the journey to making great places with planning, policy and people expert, Mathew Dalbey, Director, Office of Community Revitalization US Environmental Protection Agency.



Business, Cities and Climate Change - climate change is impacting all aspects of our lives, from how we work, invest, and travel to how we conduct business, source products through supply chains, and manage cities. Business, government and urban leaders discuss impact and actions.

Economics and Local Government – attended by Mayors and General Managers this forum provides the opportunity to discuss economic issues specific to local government with leading economists.

Australia & New Zealand Domestic Exchange ​

The 2020 Exchange Programmes takes us on a journey across Australia and New Zealand where we will experience, learn and be inspired by places and place practitioners. Will we be joined by Mathew Dalbey, Director, Office of Community Revitalization, US Environmental Protection Agency.

Urban Leaders Boardroom Lunch Series​

Decision-makers in government, industry and academia come together with guest speakers to discuss and share their insights on critical topics affecting cities and communities including ways to create social infrastructure, enhance civic institutions, build local resilience, and govern collaboratively.

Digital Engagement​


Making great places also happens through our digital platforms. Build and share information and ideas through our Knowledge Centre, talk Cities Podcast and Crew Webinars, and place practitioner are invited to join the Australasian Place Network.

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A little something about us

The Cities Leadership Institute is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to building the capacity of urban leaders to make cities, towns and communities great places. 

We deliver a range of services and programmes for our members, partners and the public so that they can meet the challenges facing cities, towns and communities.

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