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November 8, 2017

Listening to each and every member of the delegation as they summed up their key learnings from the past ten days on the road, the stand out conclusion was how far we had come.

James Carey, Director Ci...

For the City of Austin, the smart city journey started with sustainability. This is a city that is significantly impacted by changes in climate making it a logical place to begin a smarter, more proac...

Meeting with the City of Austin’s Chief Information Officer, Stephen Elkins and his team, it quickly became apparent that this is a city that is thinking broadly. There are some one hundred initiative...

The Dojo Cafe in City Heights, San Diego

The weekend brought the tale of two cities.

City Heights is a district in the east of San Diego that covers some four-square miles. With 76,000 official resident...

November 5, 2017

Today’s times has typically been characterised as the Information Age where technology, computerisation, digitisation has shifted our economic foundations to information, and where information is powe...

All smart cities need a clear and consistent governance framework that aligns responsibly with accountability and meets the needs of citizens’ expectations in relation to transparency.

Today in San Die...

November 3, 2017

Iterate to Improve has been a guiding principle for Kip Harkness, Deputy City Manager of the City of San Jose, as he has navigated his city's smart city journey.

San Jose has a little over a million pe...

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