Melbourne Masterclass 

 Friday 29 November 2019 



In this masterclass, you will interrogate the impending evolution of our communities with the merging of creativity and innovation and explore how this will shift city building in a digital age.

For the past decade our cities have seen a rising creative class. Our urban leaders were promised that if they focused on evolving the built environment to accommodate the creative class, the influx of the creative economy would trickle down to all sectors within the urban economy.


In reality, our communities have seen increasing inequality and deepening segregation, leaving many worse off than they were before. How is this possible when cities successfully delivered a creative class strategy for growth and revitalization?


Well, it turns out, that high value and knowledge based cohort of people really only benefited the developed world’s largest, urban mega-cities. Meanwhile, the working class and economically disadvantaged were pushed out of the city core to places that were ill-prepared to accommodate their concerns.


There were a few missing components to designing cities for the creative class. And rather than addressing them, communities are moving onto the latest trend of embedding technology and digital solutions into city building. In this shift from the ‘Creative City’ to the ‘Smart City’, what is being forgotten is that creativity and innovation go hand in hand.


Event Details

Friday 29 November 2019, 9:00 am - 3:30 pm

SMEC Australia:|Tower 4/ 727 Collins St, Docklands VIC 3008 


$400 + gst

Light breakfast and lunch will be provided.

Get in quick - spaces are limited!



Please contact us for discounted member tickets. 

This masterclass is brought to you in partnership with SMEC.

For more information contact:

Leigh Osterhus, Program Manager

About Kip Harkness


Kip Harkness is a change agent who has spent his career cultivating talent and building high-performing teams, from farmers on the edge of the Sahara to technology leaders in the Silicon Valley. As Deputy City Manager for the City of San Jose, Kip directs the City’s innovation program and implementation of San Jose’s Smart City Vision. Here, he developed a unique strategy for engaging and working with both the local community and elected officials throughout their smart city journey.


Kip previously led PayPal’s global Technology Leadership Program, and has served 15 years in a range of roles at the City of San Jose and its Redevelopment Agency. For 10 years, Kip created and led the award-winning Strong Neighbourhoods Initiative that restructured how departments collaborated with residents and improved service delivery to meet pressing neighbourhood priorities.


Check out our video with Kip to get a taste of what's come at the masterclass!

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