International Exchanges

29 October - 8 November 2017


2017 International Exchange

Smart Cities - United States



The Cities Leadership Institute is pleased to announce its International Exchange 2017 - Smart Cities, United States.


The Exchange focuses on digital innovation to develop the

capacity of public and private sector leaders to understand and use technology to create liveable and sustainable cities and communities.


The smart city concept has gained much momentum and

through appropriate strategies can provide opportunities to

address challenges in our increasingly urban environments.


A smart city is a city that has a culture of innovation,

embraces an entrepreneurial approach and embeds

technology into people-based solutions.


The Exchange provides delegates with unique insights,

opportunities to develop and test smart ideas and connect

with partners, collaborators and experts.


Over eleven days, delegates will learn from experts and

entrepreneurs as we visit the cities of San Diego, Palo Alto, San Jose and Los Angeles in California, and Austin in Texas.


Check out the video below for highlights from this Exchange:



2017 International Exchange: Smart Cities video

Key Learning Outcomes

  • How to set the vision and goals for a smart city

  • Understanding and assessing digital ecosystems

  • Ways of planning and delivering smart city initiatives; tools and governance

  • The benefits of collaborations and public-private partnerships

  • Understanding and choosing the right assets and resources


  • Effective community consultation and engagement

  • Methods to measure success


Sunday 29 Oct 2017 - Wednesday 8 Nov 2017 (inclusive) - this Exchange has finished

United States Smart Cities and Initiatives


San Diego, California has seen major progress in smart city planning. It will install one of the world’s largest Internet of Things (IoT) sensor platforms that will capture data about traffic, air quality, weather emergencies and crime, saving the city over $2.4 million (USD) per year in energy costs. Delegates will gain insights into how significant investment from city governments, in partnership with the private sector, can transform citizens’ quality of life.


Palo Alto, California is one the most innovative cities in the US and birthplace to some of the world’s biggest tech companies. For Chief Information Officer Dr Jonathan Reichental, the future lies in the intersection between the digital and physical world, and developing smart solutions to issues impacting the city from waste management and public safety to transportation. In Palo Alto, technology, open data and civic engagement take centre stage.


San José, California has a diverse population with fourty

percent of residents born outside the US and Silicon Valley at its doorstep. Striving to close its “digital divide”, the city launched its Smart City Vision in 2016 that promotes innovative technologies and data-driven decision-making to serve its community. Though faced with a challenging economic environment, San José is delivering smart city initiatives that improve safety, inclusivity, sustainability, civic engagement and economic opportunities.


Los Angeles, California is redefining the governance of its city and citizens' quality of life through data-driven insights and problem solving. The City of Los Angeles has released hundreds of datasets as part of its open data portal and is working closely with Parsons to deploy an intelligent transportation system. LA is also home to Hyperloop One that will revolutionise the way we commute.


Austin, Texas is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. Besides live music, the capital is building a reputation for innovation. The City of Austin is actively looking at new ways of integrating knowledge into the community through its universities, mitigating the impact of the harsh climate by harnessing tech in its EcoDistrict and working on ways to capture, manage and use data to put people at the centre of the growing city.


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