Our Programmes

We deliver a range of services and programmes for our members, partners and the public so that they can meet the challenges facing Australia’s cities, towns and communities. More than 600 attendees from over 370 organisations have participated in our events and programmes.


Our programmes include:



                  Urban Leaders Boardroom Lunch series


A high-level discussion on critical topics affecting cities and communities across Australia with significant decision-makers in government, industry and academia. National and international speakers share their insights from extensive research in the field and facilitate conversation between attendees. The series has gathered over 80 professionals from 79 organisations. This series is delivered as a part of our partnership with Positive Investment Enterprise. 

Stay tuned for the 2020 series program. 

2019 series:

 - City Reflections

 - Built in Mental Wellness

 - Hot in the City

 - City Governance and Planning

- 2018 series



                  International Exchange

An immersive learning experience, the International Exchange enables Australian urban leaders from the public and private sector to explore and connect with cities that are successfully improving the lives of citizens and local communities. Delegates learn from a range of speakers, experts, entrepreneurs, and leaders with program activities ranging from neighborhood walking tours to roundtables to in-depth learning sessions. Over 20 government decision-makers have participated in our International Exchange programme and have returned with actionable insights to key projects in their respective roles.

See more:

- 2019 International Exchange, Health and Innovation

- 2017 International Exchange, Smart Cities




                  Domestic Exchange

A national immersive learning experience with delegates from the public and private sector across the country to explore and connect with Australian cities that showcase particular initiatives and urban programs designed to improve their livability, management and local impact.15 organisations from 9 cities have joined us and exchanged valuable experience in resolving complex social issues.

See more:

- 2020 Domestic Exchange, Placemaking

- 2018 Domestic Exchange, Smart Cities




                  International Visiting Expert


An annual, week long program of events, including workshops, forums and public addresses, featuring an international leader in the field.  The Visiting International Expert is available to share their knowledge with Members, workshop specific issues and consult directly with Members and their teams.

See more:

- 2019, Michael Shuman

- 2018, 2019 Chris Kommatas

- 2018, 2019 Kip Harkness 

- 2017, Ric Peiser




Public and Member masterclasses with national and international experts to develop and deliver subject specific masterclasses.  Each Masterclass build practical skills, provokes thought and discussion and develop a sound understanding of the topic and ways forward in addressing the needs identified. Over 140 organisations have benefited from the Masterclasses and we received excellent feedback on the ideas provoked and meaningful networks built across sessions.

See more:

- Get the Night Right

- Highs & Lows: Life on the Lines

- The Healthy and Innovative City

- Innovation and the Liveable City

- Value Capture




Urban leaders who have participated in any Cities Leadership Institute program unite through our Alumni community and continue the learning and peer support journey through facilitated events such as dinners and panels.

See more:

- Annual Alumni Events


                  Digital Engagement

In this linked in and logged on world, our online community is growing fast. We offer a range of methods for sharing knowledge and connecting with peers digitally. Particularly our Crew Webinar Series has gathered more than 80 participants engaging in an online discussion on social issues and the future of cities.

See more:

- Crew Webinar Series

- The Cities Podcast Channel

- Knowledge Centre (Members only)


- Conversation Forum (Members only)

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