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Episode 13: Proactive Local Actions to Solve a Global Problem – COVID 19

23 March 2020

The Corona virus is an unprecedented international issue for human health and consequently the health of the economies they live in.

Katherine O’Regan hosted a joint webinar, now available on podcast, from the Cities Leadership Institute and Sydney Business Chamber exploring how local councils can assist small businesses survive - and once again thrive.

Episode 12: Crew Webinar: Solving School Transport

 26 February 2020

We know that population growth brings increased demand for our public primary and secondary schools making a safe and efficient school trip a high priority. Tune in to the webinar to hear about a new approach to the School Transport Plan process and the pilot projects underway across NSW.

Led by avid active & public transport expert (and user): Rebecca Lehman, Director of Transport Planning, Frank Turquoise Group.

Episode 11: Breaking (Language) Barriers in Canterbury-Bankstown

 17 January 2020

In one of the most diverse cities in the greater Sydney region, the residents of Canterbury-Bankstown speak over 200 different languages and dialects. This can pose a challenge when it comes to communicating with the public in the city building and community engagement processes.


CBCity is using technology and innovation to overcome language barriers, forge deeper connections among their residents and, ultimately, drive better outcomes for their community.

Episode 10: Innovation in the Built and Digital World with Bill Ruh and Kip Harkness

29 November 2019

The Cities Leadership Institute sat down with Bill Ruh, CEO of Digital at Lendlease, and Kip Harkness, Deputy City Manager at the City of San Jose to discuss the evolution in innovation in our cities in both the built and digital form.


From attracting the right talent and utilizing public-private partnerships to innovative new building materials and governing for the customer; Ruh and Harkness take a deep dive into the role of technology and innovation in solving real problems with outcomes that matter.

Episode 09: Disrupting Health with Dr. David Putrino

 21 October 2019

Dr. David Putrino is the Director of the Abilities Research Center which sits within Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City. Dr Putrino's lab is comprised of scientists, clinicians, engineers, artists, and story-tellers with the collective goal of using technology to help people perform better.


The Cities team met Dr Putrino in NYC during our 2019 International Exchange on Health and Innovation and we had the opportunity to catch up with him again in Sydney where he was being recognised for his inspiring work overseas at the Advance Awards.

Episode 08: Building WELL with Mathew Burke

 22 August 2019

Building quality, design and standards play a critical role in the health of our Cities and the health of citizens. As urban intensification continues to increase we need to be vigilant on its impact on the environment, community health and personal well-being. 
While we have seen the growing utilisation of rating systems such as Green Star and NABERS there is demand to expand building performance metrics further. The WELL Building Standard focuses on advancing health and well-being in buildings across the world by improving and prioritizing health and human experience in the design of our developments.

Episode 07: Small Shifts with Julia Suh

 08 July 2019

Julia Suh is a leading voice in citizen-led urbanism, and specialises in applying human-centred design as a tool for social change and advocacy.


Julia was a panelist at the Cities Leadership Institute's Book Launch and Alumni Event, Crafting Innovative Places, at the Old Parramatta Goal. We sat down with Julia, literally in the old recreation yard at the prison, to talk about grassroots, community-driven place-making, and the small shifts that we, as community members, can take to empower and engage with our local places.

Episode 06: Smart Strategy with Waverley Council

 27 June 2019

David Edwards, Manager eSolutions & John Coudounaris, Economic Development Manager talk to the Cities Leadership Institute about their new draft Smart Waverley Strategy 2023, including the process for undertaking the development of the strategy, the City’s involvement and consultation with key stakeholders and community members, and the actions required to achieve the desired outcome as outlined in the strategy.

Episode 05: Heat Mitigation with Dr. Sebastian Pfautsch

 20 June 2019

The combination of rapidly developing urban areas with increasingly hot summers and mild winters, places heat mitigation and management of open spaces at the top of the urban design and well-being agenda.


Dr Sebastian Pfautsch, Western Sydney University, spoke with us about measuring and managing urban heat -everywhere from playgrounds, to schoolyards, car parks and everything in between.

Episode 04: Smart Energy with Bart Curnow

18 April 2019

The way that we power our cities is changing. Burning fossil fuels are no longer economically or environmentally sustainable, therefore we must pave a new path forward in terms of how we source, store, use and understand energy.

As a part of our Crew Webinar Series, Cities Leadership Institute alumni colleague Bart Curnow, Smart City Manager at SMEC, provides an overview on a smart energy project he has been working on. Specifically on the design methodology and concept feasibility of decentralised, integrated energy networks powering smart cities

Episode 03: Public Art with Peter Day

20 December 2018

Public art should represent our cities and their citizens, led by local artists who will work with the community to create beautiful and meaningful pieces that people can find a sense of pride in. 

Peter Day is one of the pioneers of community engagement in Australia, incorporating consultation and participation in art and design projects. For over thirty years he has been sourcing valuable information from communities to inform the design process. Peter says 'We avoid a lot of mistakes which are made through design professionals making assumptions - we avoid embarrassment for our clients and create valuable, meaningful appropriate and much loved art and design solutions.'  

Episode 02: Health & Innovation with Chris Kommatas

03 December 2018

Technology and innovation are key enablers to drive health outcomes for citizens, communities and cities providing the opportunity to connect, accelerate and advance physical and mental wellbeing.

Chris Kommatas is Head of Innovation and Strategic Partnerships at the Health Roundtable, and is the co-founder and Director of the Melbourne Health Accelerator at the The Royal Melbourne Hospital. He is also the founder of the largest early-stage health-tech startup community, Startup HealthTech.


Episode 01: Data Ethics with Dr Matthew Beard

15 November 2018

With the ever-growing presence of technology in our everyday lives, citizens are increasingly concerned about the privacy and security of their data. Cities, in particular, must address the ethics around data collection and management as cities move forward in their smart city strategies. While each city engages their smart city journey in a unique way, central to all smart cities is the need to effectively, efficiently, and ethically manage data. 

Listen to Dr Matthew Beard, Fellow at the Ethics Centre in Sydney, discuss a new set of seven principles to guide ethical decision making associated with data and technology.

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