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A Message from Executive Director - Katherine O'Regan

Welcome to the Cities Leadership Institute.

As many of you are aware, the Future Cities Collaborative has transformed to become the Cities Leadership Institute. This change has only been possible as a result of the ongoing strong support of our members, partners and alumni. Thank you! Our mission remains the same, to build the capacity of urban leaders to make cities, towns and communities great places. We are now in a position to provide you with an expanded program with greater flexibility to host and connect with experts from around the world, and to provide you with strategic guidance that will support and inform your growing communities.

As your cities continue to address the challenges of urbanisation, new economies and disruptive business models, it is critical that city leaders across Australia have the capacity, confidence and capability to build sustainable, resilient, and productive communities.

Affordable housing and value capture were two key issues that you wanted to know more about. The positive response to Harvard Professor Richard Peiser's week-long program on financing affordable housing, and the packed room for our value-capture masterclass with experts from Western Australia and the United States provided opportunities to find local solutions.

In further news, the Cities Leadership Institute has been appointed by the Australian Federal Government to conduct the Future Ready Smart Cities masterclasses across Australia. We have also launched our 2017 International Exchange – Smart Cities to the United States.

We look forward to use our global reach and international networks to lead professional development programs, international exchanges and public forums for urban leaders across the public and private sector.

Thank you for your continued support and your participation in our programs, international exchanges and events this year.

Should you have any questions, comments or ideas please do not hesitate contact me on

Yours sincerely

Katherine O’Regan

Executive Director

Cities Leadership Institute

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