Day 0. Welcome to Los Angeles

People say it is better to live in Los Angeles than to simply visit.

There is no doubt that as a tourist the first impressions of LA with its buzzing freeways and hazy skies do not seem compatible with perceptions of liveability.

Yet LA is a city and a place where there is much to be found and be fond of.

It is also a city undergoing a transformation with technology, data and innovation as a critical tool to facilitate this change. It is an ideal city to commence the 2017 International Exchange on Smart Cities.

Our urban leaders gathered and exchanged stories from their home cities and regions, and prepared for the coming eleven days in which they will examine, interrogate and gain insights on how technology and innovation can be leveraged to solve urban challenges.

Left to right: Valentina Misevska, Darren Shearer, Shearer, Nathaniel Bavinton, Clr Declan Clausen, Tim Askew, Clr Khal Asfour, James Carey, Katherine O'Regan

Each day of the Exchange we will be meeting with leaders across the public sector, academia, community organisations and private companies. While these stakeholders play important roles in a city it is when they collaborate that a city and its citizens can really benefit.

As we journey across the United States we will focus on five core smart city foundations:

  1. Leadership and Governance

  2. Culture of innovation’

  3. Finance, funding and procurement

  4. Community engagement and customer service

  5. Urban data

Stayed tuned for our report from LA's City Hall, Hyperloop One's Innovation Campus and the University of Southern California tomorrow.

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