Smart City Webinars - 2017

The Cities Leadership Institute is pleased to present a series of specialist Smart City Webinars. These classes will provide participants with knowledge and insights to develop and manage a Smart City.

Where Series I focused on developing a smart city approach and strategy, Series II moves to implementation and delivery of smart city outcomes.

The specialist webinars move beyond strategy to focus on implementation and delivery of smart city outcomes and address the challenges that local government face to transition towards becoming a smart city.

The focus areas of the specialist masterclasses have been informed by formal and informal feedback from participants and discussions with Councils.

​​​Case studies and practical sessions are incorporated into each masterclass to demonstrate and experience how the learnings can be applied to the core local government areas of waste, water, energy, transport and mobility, service delivery and planning.

Your participation is proudly supported by the Australian Government.

Contact: Cara Inia

Thursday 16 November, 10:00am

​Community Engagement & Customer Service with Joel Fredericks & Diane Miller


  • Provides participants with insights into how local government can address the challenges and opportunities that technology creates to communicate, engage and deliver services to the community. Participants will learn how to start gathering, listening and learning from the multitude of community views; have a constant conversation with citizens and customers; be proactive rather than responsive; adapt to a world based on accessibility rather than ownership; and provide better services to customers by making smarter technology investments.

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Tuesday 28 November, 10:00am

​Urban Data and Governance with Frans-Anton Vermast, Amsterdam Smart City and Neil Temperley, Data 61

(this event has finished)

Whether growing or shrinking, cities across the country face challenges of infrastructure, water, waste, transportation, public health and safety and environmental sustainability. To address these challenges, cities are looking to leverage advanced communication and technologies, big data and an ever-growing array of digital platforms. Knowing where to start and navigating through this journey presents a challenge in itself. This webinar will equip participants with knowledge and tools in data management, data modelling and analytics, networking and IoT as well as critical public policy considerations including security, privacy and future proofing.

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Monday 18 December, 10:00am

​Creating a Culture of Innovation with Johanna Pitman, BlueChilli and Lilian Coral, Knight Foundation ​

  • Build your capacity to develop an organisation where ideas and insights are fostered to keep pace with the rapidly changing environment and the ceaseless quest for the faster, better way to operate. Increase your understanding of how to foster and facilitate innovation ecosystems and entrepreneurship across the community. From co- design thinking, incubators, accelerators, living labs, innovation districts and digital placemaking this webinar enhances participants understanding of the critical innovation tools and techniques to build a sustainable smart city.

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Thursday 7 December, 10:00am

​Financing and Funding with Joe Langley and David Rosen (this event has finished)

Delivering smart city outcomes and projects requires financing, funding and procurement systems that are short and long term. Collaborations, partnerships and multiple vendors are also often required. Using a dynamic and hands on approach participants in this masterclass will gain unique insights and develop an understanding of the tools and methods available to deliver critical funding for large and small projects, how to select and manage partners and vendors and how to align your procurement approach with the project outcomes.​

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