Cities 4.0 Summit Re-cap

Recently, the Cities 4.0 Summit, which was held in Melbourne, brought together key leaders from over 100 cities across the nation to talk about linking progressive cities and innovative solutions in relation to the key areas of Resilience, Energy and Sustainability, Transport and Mobility, along with the Built Environment and Design. The Summit spanned over two days with a range of presentations and discussions with experts from different fields.

Our Executive Director, Katherine O'Regan, attended the Cities 4.0 Summit, where she had the pleasure of participating as a panelist in a discussion about smart grids and how they are being used to power smart cities.

While there, Katherine sat down with Smart Tribes' Alan Mihalic to have a chat about the summit and a bit about the work we do here at Cities Leadership Institute. Mihalic and O'Regan discuss the importance of bringing people together to identify issues, understand strategies, and work towards solutions.

Check out the video below to see the full interview.

Mihalic (Smart Tribes) and O'Regan (Cities Leadership Institute) at Cities 4.0 Summit in Melbourne.

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