Member Profile: Canterbury-Bankstown

Located in Sydney's West, Canterbury-Bankstown Council was formed in May 2016 with the merger of City of Canterbury and the City of Bankstown. The City is one of the fasting growing LGA’s in Sydney and it is also very culturally diverse, giving the Council a unique forum for connecting and sharing through a sense of unified community.

With the newly merged council, Canterbury-Bankstown had a unique opportunity to re-define their new brand with the strong participation of its community members. They found that, as a community, citizens are ‘proud of their diversity’ as it ‘makes for authentic experiences’. This diversity makes Canterbury-Bankstown unique, where there are around 200 languages spoken, with more than 120 nationalities represented within the city.

The City welcomes humanitarian entrants such as refugees and asylum seekers, remaining a Refugee Welcome Zone since 2002. Canterbury-Bankstown is working on inclusivity of culturally diverse residents in the participation of social, cultural, and economic aspects of life in the community.

In their recent draft Community Strategic Plan, 2028 CBCity, Canterbury-Bankstown identified 7 ‘destinations’ which included a community that is safe and strong, clean and green, prosperous and innovative, moving and integrated, healthy and active, liveable and distinctive, as well as leading and engaged. All of these aspects contribute to the overall liveability of a city, which is a vital component of any community.

As innovative solutions become a focus of cities across Australia, Canterbury-Bankstown has been working on creating and defining their own smart cities roadmap. To fast track their smart cities journey, learning from other cities has been a key priority and they participated in our 2017 International Exchange on Smart Cities and took a deep dive into the nuts and bolts of what really makes a city smart at the Cities 4.0 Summit; see key takeouts here.

The key driver for Canterbury-Bankstown Council is to use innovation and technology to better serve their community. This must be in real, practical and lasting ways that support, nurture and manage the growth and diversity of their great city.

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Level 23, 45 Clarence Street

Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia

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