Future of Transport and Local Communities - Upcoming Boardroom Lunch Event

As a part of our Urban Leaders Boardroom Lunch series, The Cities Leadership Institute will be holding a discussion on the Future of Transport and Local Communities, which will be led by expert speakers Dr Natalie Pelham and Kerryn Wilmot.

Pictured: Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

Date: 14 June 2018

Time: 12:00pm - 2:00pm

Location: The Union, University and Schools Club (The Card Room)

Address: 25 Bent St, Sydney NSW 2000

With the future of public and private transport rapidly changing, it is timely to discuss how this impacts on our local communities and the role local governments play in a future where privately owned cars no longer dominate. Opportunities for more efficient and agile service delivery using big data are significant while accessibility options for particular groups, particularly the elderly, are increasing.

Dr Natalie Pelham

Executive Director, Innovation, Research and Reform, Transport for NSW

Natalie leads a branch of ~100 professionals within the Freight, Strategy & Planning Division at TfNSW to shape the future transport mobility agenda and how it delivers Future Transport 2056.

The Branch

• undertakes data science projects to gain better insights into the transport system and consolidates transport data to improve model development and forecasting

• builds collaborative partnerships to test transport technology on the network, such as NSW’s first automated shuttle trial to inform our infrastructure and planning needs and support integration of these technologies into the transport network

• engages with emerging transport technologies and the future of mobility to better manage congestion, support the roll-out of electric, connected and automated vehicles, the shared economy and continuation of mass transit to support the efficient movement of people and goods

• shapes strategic direction for the transport cluster focusing on the important and complex problems facing transport over the next 40 years, undertaking and managing innovative and practical research projects that better inform future directions and building collaborative academic research partnership.

Kerryn Wilmot

Research Principal, Institute for Sustainable Futures, UTS

Kerryn Wilmot leads the Cities and Buildings research area at the Institute for Sustainable Futures with an overarching theme of moving development to being regenerative. She is a highly experienced architect specialising in sustainability. Her recent research includes an assessment of public transport capacity in western Sydney, the impact of technology and new ways of working on the urban environment, climate adaption strategies for housing in urban heat island affected neighbourhoods, and an integrated transport solution for the Waverley local government area.

Prior to joining ISF, in her spare time Kerryn was an active member and treasurer of the Public Transport Users Association lobbying for improved public transport in Victoria, in recognition of the need to for good sustainable transport options for liveable urban environments. She represented PTUA on the Minister for Transport’s Station Users Panel, and on the Metropolitan Transport Forum, an advocacy group of metropolitan local governments in Melbourne.

In developing the Cities and Buildings research area, Kerryn combines a practical background with current applied research work. She has an understanding of the complexities of providing infrastructure, and the impact of development and infrastructure on the amenity and functionality of the urban environment. Her particular interests focus on regenerative city systems and infrastructure, the development of sustainable built environments, and passenger-centric public transport provision.

Please note that this event is by invitation only. If you wish to attend, please contact us at info@citiesleadership.com for more information.

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