Day 3. The Way Things Are Done Around Here

For the largest city government in Australia, Brisbane City Council, smart cities are completely contextual. Having been on a smart, connected journey for many years the City has embraced smart city thinking in a Brisbane context – where activities, initiatives and actions are filtered and determined based on the smart city characteristics of efficiency, personalisation, inclusiveness, prosperity, insightfulness and transparency.

Pictured: ADE Smart Cities delegates on the rooftop of The Capital

According to Sarah Leach, Principal Coordinator of the City’s Smart Connected Brisbane Office these smart city characteristics have defined and shaped “how things are done around here” bringing about a smart city maturity that infuses the whole organisation. The Connected Brisbane Office looks across the city structure leading, positioning, advising, enabling and partnering with internal group teams as well as community organisations.

Open data has been an integral part of their journey from the beginning with the goal of making it something that people do naturally. The City established an open data portal and website and have opted to retain this and link to the Federal Government open data portal so as to have a greater say over data management, customisation and publication.

The Virtual Brisbane project brings to life the buildings, assets and landscape of the city in 3D to drive evidenced based planning and soon to be enhanced with procedural modelling, virtual reality and Augmented Reality capabilities to advance community engagement and planning capability.

Through the utilisation of technology, the City has fundamentally changed the way they deliver customer service, transiting from seeing technology as a means of cost reduction to technology as a means of enhancing customer experience and now to technology as a tool for integrating and interacting with data. This open data open source approach that “positions the City as the single source of truth but that the truth is syndicated and consumed from many channels” has been used to reshape how to make community hall bookings, event promotion, library services and access and management of food trucks.

Pictured: Some inspirational artwork on the walls of The Capital

Using technology as a means to accelerate liveability, the City has a close partnership with Brisbane Marketing to build innovation capacity, connectivity and collaboration across the community. Harnessing the ideas and energy of the “addicts and the agitators” Brisbane Marketing is creating an open innovation platform that builds a network, solves civic problems through co-design and teaches innovation by “stealth”.

Highlighting how things are done around here, the Capital is the start up and innovation hub located in the heart of Brisbane and a place where the energy and atmosphere are all about “Less Talk and More Hustle”.

Tomorrow brings the final leg of our Smart Cities Exchange as we head to South Australia to see how Adelaide City Council has carved out their smart cities journey.

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