Day 4. The Smart City Experience

As Cities seek to understand and unpack what a smart city means, the typical approach is to consult, engage and develop a strategy. In more recent times, a strategy document has given way to a less prescriptive, more organic smart city road map. Then there is the City of Adelaide approach - where the use of personas has been used to navigate and narrate what 'smart' means to the city.

Claire’s story is one of a young woman returning to the City, starting a business and settling into a new life enabled by an enriched, connected experience. The City’s 10 Gig broadband provides the infrastructure, the data platforms collect and collate data linked to a consumer interface that has a high user-centric experience. From property selection to waste collection, Adelaide has thought through how technology can be used to attract, retain and improve the circle of economic life for people in their city.

Pictured: Adelaide City Library showcasing how it facilitates a culture of innovation

The public-private partnership to develop a high speed, low cost fibre network for the City will underpin everything from wifi, wayfinding, waste collection and internet connectivity. It is changing the game for businesses, hospitals, universities and residents. It is a game changer for the City in securing investment, attracting talent and driving the start-up community to create high value jobs and industries.

Adelaide’s focus on experience enabled by technology has transformed the City Library to become “the place of possibilities”, where gaming companies co-create with students building the skills and capabilities for the future.

For the City of Adelaide, the mantra “Making the intangible tangible” has been central to their journey. Through user experiences and story telling, the City has secured funding and fans that have and continue to support big and bold initiatives. Initiatives that will drive real changes to the face, shape and dynamics of the City for generations to come.

That concludes the Australian Domestic Exchange on Smart Cities. Thank you for taking the journey with us. The full Exchange Report will be available from

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