Media Release: CLI leading the way with international Smart Cities expert

The Cities Leadership Institute is leading the way in building smart cities knowledge and capability with Australian urban leaders.

From 23 – 27 July the Cities Leadership Institute will be hosting international smart cities expert Kip Harkness, Deputy City Manager of San Jose, California.

Mr Harkness has been instrumental in driving and delivering innovative technologies for the San Jose community. The city-wide approach and achievements to integrate technology to improve traffic safety, build the digital skills of residents, improve delivery and accessibility of city services and manage energy and water use have enhanced the lives and liveability of the city.

Mr Harkness serves as Deputy City Manager of San Jose and previously served as the Director of Technology Engagement at PayPal. Throughout his career, Mr Harkness has been instrumental in adopting innovative technologies into communities.

Faced with growing local populations, shifts in jobs types, and increased pressures on local roads, parks, schools and service, City leaders across Australia and the world can leverage technology and innovation to improve the way people travel, work, and live.

Mr Harkness will be holding immersive workshops, roundtables discussion and public talks with city leaders to develop and design solutions that meet the expectations and experiences of their communities.

“Technology and data driven decision making can be a real game changer for a city, but the solutions need to be solving real problems for real people in the community” Mr Harkness said.

“I am looking forward to working with Mayors, Councillors, officers from local and state government as well as industry leaders to tailor innovative solutions to deliver concrete benefits in economic opportunity and quality of life of life of their constituents”

Katherine O’Regan, Executive Director, Cities Leadership Institute said “City leadership is pivotal in shaping our cities and communities and it is a critical that these leaders know how technology and innovation can make a difference.

To hear from such an expert on smart cities is a ground-breaking opportunity for Australian urban leaders”

Media Contact: Evie Maguire 0447 089 546

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