Baltimore: The best kept secret in innovation

Baltimore, Maryland is a city that has a history centered around its seaport and being the birthplace of the national anthem. The Star-Spangled Banner.

In more recent times it has become a city known as a majority minority area. Around 61 per cent of residents are African American and almost 100,000 of these residents live below the poverty line and this is set to deteriorate further as people leave looking for jobs.

Low socio-economic conditions have not only affected Baltimore resident's physical health and access to healthcare but has increased stresses on food security and adequate housing, resident’s mental health and the early childhood development and school readiness of the youngest residents.

Baltimore’s future now rests with its growing reputation as an innovation hub. Investment in technology and healthcare are being leveraged to simultaneously improve the health well-being of citizens and stimulate job growth.

Healthcare and social assistance are now the largest industry in Baltimore, employing some 58,953 residents.

The world-renowned Johns Hopkins School of Medicine now receives more research funding than any other US medical school and in July the US Federal Government awarded Johns Hopkins over $600,000 to increase economic development in the area's digital healthcare field.

Continued investment in health and social innovation in Baltimore will help change the face of the city. It will drive employment, stimulate population growth and improve educational outcomes for the city's diverse youth.

Some City programs worth watching include:

'Bet on Baltimore'

A summer entrepreneurship program for public high school students, using human centered design to create social innovation projects that will benefit their community.

MERIT Health Leadership Academy

Aiming to reduce health disparities and change the face of health care to make it more inclusive, the MERIT Health Leadership Academy nurtures a diverse group of high school students through paid hospital and lab Summer internships, with some students receiving college credit.

The Virtual Hospital

Located at Sinai Hospital, LifeBridge Health's virtual hospital uses telemedicine services and international clinical call centers to improve coordination of care. Reducing hospital wait times and expenses while increasing patient satisfaction, the program tracks availability and flow of patients.

The Hemafuse

Sisu Global Health developed the Hemafuse, an inexpensive device to assist in blood transfusions

The Modular Prosthetic Limb

The Applied Physics Laboratory at Johns Hopkins University created prosthetic hands that can restore a 'near-natural' sense of touch.

The Cities Leadership Institute will be visiting Baltimore as part of our 2019 International exchange on Health and Innovation this September. You can follow our journey and hear our key insights on our Exchange Blog, Facebook,Twitter and Linkedin.

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