Catch up with the outer suburbs

Catch up with the other suburbs: National Growth Areas Alliance February 2019

Australia’s population is booming and so are its outer suburbs. More than a third of our nation’s population growth from 2011-2016 occurred in the outer suburbs, where National Growth Areas Alliance councils are located. The rate of population growth in the outer suburbs is faster than any government planned or expected. Every year, around 136,000 people move to new

suburbs on the outskirts of our capital cities. And while families, houses, neighbourhoods, communities and local businesses are being built, vital supporting infrastructure is not.

Planning for Australia’s future population growth is important. But so is delivering infrastructure and services for the five million people who are already here as part of the

population boom. Infrastructure has the capacity to transform our economies and communities. It is time for governments to Catch Up with the outer suburbs, and match the vitality and pace of growth in new communities.

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